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     It is generally accepted that the Aral Sea is irretrievably lost to humanity. But it is impossible to reconcile with it. The “Movement” proposed a step-by-step program of the sea revival. Its essence lies in building dams in the most hospitable places of the coast on the former seabed and creating artificial reservoirs fully reproducing the former sea in the most significant areas. It is proposed to begin the revival of the Aral Sea with the most affected area – the city of Muynak.

     In the middle of the last century Muynak was a growing city-port on the shore of the Aral Sea. Fishermen produced up to 40,000 tons of fish per year. Now the sea is gone and 30,000 people are unemployed. Recently the American Fox News channel placed Muynak on the list of 11 worst places on the planet. The UN Secretary General Pan Gi Moon who visited Muynak in 2010 called the shrinking of the Aral Sea one of the most horrific environmental disasters and promised to do everything possible to help residents located near the Aral Sea. We hope that the implementation of our proposals will be a significant step in this direction.

 UN Secretary General Pan-Gi-Moon on the shore of dried-up Aral Sea


     It is expected that the area of the first stage of the water reservoir will be 150-200 Sq. km, which is comparable to the area to the Southern part of the Dead Sea. The further revival of the sea will continue in accordance with the resources that can be allocated to the construction of dams and water treatment. Planting trees and sprigging based upon the technology developed by the Israel National Fund (Keren Kayemet Le-Israel), providing drip irrigation, is suggested on the former seabed not yet covered with water, as well as in the desert areas of the Southern Aral region
There is no doubt that even a partial revival of the Aral Sea will enter a bright page in the history of the planet Earth as one of the first attempts of revival seemingly irretrievable lost natural values. In order to make this dream a reality, we must continue our work.

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